Taking Big Leaps

Taking those big steps isn’t easy. I sometimes give up easily, or just run away from it. But how do I know if I’m gonna fail, if I never try? Martial arts taught me not just self defense, but a lot about myself. The biggest achievement and obstacle I faced is obtaining my black belt. “Once you’re a black belt, it will be with you forever”, that’s what my teachers told me. And I’m really fortunate that I took that step and worked real hard to obtain.

I learned that you shouldn’t be afraid of something that looks difficult, keep an open mind and work hard to master it. It may take a long time, but as long as you respect the learning process, you can master anything. I’m still learning as a person and as a martial artist. Keep an open mind no matter where you go, try something new. You will have the sense of accomplishment. You could also help that person who is going through the same thing. Never stop learning, because you will learn more about yourself.



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