Getting Started

When I was little, I got bullied a lot. I was very shy and scared when I was in Elementary. No one liked me, I was a very sensitive person (still am). One bully decided to push me around and call me names. I came home going straight to my room, just crying. My mom would wonder what was going on, but I would say nothing.

One day I went to school with my mom and my teacher wanted to sit down with us. I’ve always kept things to myself. I would be made fun if I was a taddle-tale or get hurt for peoples pleasure. My teacher found out, and it was heartbreaking for my mom. When I was 5, my mom decided to enroll me to martial arts classes, so I can learn to defend myself. Plus it’s really good excercise as well. I started taking TaekwonDo Kickboxing classes. I learned a lot, but it took a while for me to get used to it. I stayed there for 5 years, reaching up to green belt.

I had to leave because I wanted to try something else. I always had an interest in Kung Fu Martial arts. So my mom managed to find one close to home. It took a while to get used to learning a new style, but I worked hard and I managed to get better. I’ve been doing Kung Fu for thirteen years, martial arts plus 5 years of TaekwonDo, total of 18 years of experience.

Martial arts has helped me with my confidence, to maintain balance, and to be myself. Whatever the things I do in life, I apply my martial arts to my work, acting in plays, and school. Learning how to control your anger, don’t do too much that can stress you out, and to learn to deal with people. I think Martial Arts help with anything you do. And to learn to respect for yourself and others.


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