Mistakes Happen

Whatever martial arts style you learn, it teaches you discipline, patience, and also teaches you life lessons. Admitting to your mistakes and learning from them is the step of improving yourself as a person. I’ve met lots of people who won’t admit mistakes and blame it on others. I used to do that. I learned all I’m doing is hurting others, and myself.

I remember teaching the class for the first time. I had no idea what to do. I was scared and nervous. After bowing the students, we always did a warm up before doing any techniques. So I started with neck rolls, arms, legs, and then did some stretching. To warm up the group, I told them to do knee raises and jog in one spot. It’s real important to warm up to keep the student’s heart beating, my teacher always says. They are here to work out and learn, so I need to give it to them.

I did some reviews with the students. All the students had colored belts. I didn’t want to mix the higher belts in doing basic techniques. So in order to keep things balanced, I told the higher belts to partner up and work on techniques they want to work on, while I worked with the lower belts.

My first hour teaching, I was still nervous and made some mistakes, like showing the lower belts a technique they shouldn’t be learning yet or not talking loud enough. I was also not confident in myself so the students could tell. One thing I like about the students, is that they encouraged me. Even if I was scared they believed in me.

After class was over, my teacher pulled me off aside and he was happy with how I was teaching. Things I needed to work on was to be myself. My teacher told me that he instructs the students differently and the other instructors as well. When you’re the teacher, you have to be yourself and have fun with what you’re doing.

The other thing he mentioned is that I was speaking too softly, so some students couldn’t hear me from the back of the dojo. I admit, I’m a soft spoken person. That’s something I have to work on. I’m always like that when I’m on stage, but when I sing, I’m a totally different person.

I took all those tips and learned from it. I was able to get better and better at teaching and I really love it. Everyone makes mistakes, but theirs nothing wrong with learning from it. Mistakes happen, if you learn from it, it will never happen again.


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