It’s the last week of classes. It has been a great experience being in the RTBN program. I have to say, all the hard work has been paid off and I’m ready to be a 2nd year. I know it’s going to be a challenge, but I’ve come this far and I’m not giving up. I decided to reflect what’s happened to me since I’ve been here. This is sort of martial arts related. When it comes to reflecting, it’s a good idea to do that so you can get better the next time you face it. I know there’s a few things that need to be worked on.

Biggest achievement for me, is that I was determined to learn. The reason why I came to this program is to pursue a career in voice acting. If I keep this up and move forward, I’ll be able to reach my goal. It’s a good idea to set short and long term goals. It’s a great way to keep motivated.

2nd achievement I was able to plan ahead and balance things like choir and having time for myself. That was one of the biggest challenges. Sometimes I wasn’t able to practice new music because homework assignments were in the way. But I was able to plan ahead, pushing myself to get things done so I don’t have to worry about it. To be honest I’m nervous about 3rd semester, I’m really hoping to balance my schooling and choir. Singing has been a passion of mine and I want to keep doing it.

3rd achievement, accept mistakes. There were times that I totally forgot to do a small task, or had a miscommunication. I always take things personal when it comes to the work I do, but now I’m not as angry like I used to. I always remind myself to accept whats happened and move on. There are times when the feelings eat me alive if you know what I mean. If you feel like that, talk to someone you’re comfortable with. Sometimes talking it over with someone helps.


Things I need to work on. The reason why I’m posting this one, is because I want to come back and remind myself what I need to do to be a better person, and to get better at something. I’m not ashamed of sharing this, it’s a personal goal I want to reach. People have goals to reach. If I can reach those goals, you can too.

1st thing to improve is to relax. I’ve been told by my martial arts instructors many times, is to relax. I still struggle with this but hey, first time for everything right? The more you relax, the better you do. As you relax, your body starts to loosen up. The more you think about the task or the problem, your body will feel tense. Important thing is to relax. I will work on that eventually

2nd thing to improve is to keep practicing on-air. I haven’t been able to practice a lot of on-air due to deadlines for assignments. But now the semester is coming to a close, I’m taking the advantage this summer to come in and practice. Goal is to prep for a 3 hour show for next semester. I’m gonna work real hard to master this.

3rd thing to improve is my writing. My teacher Louise told the whole class, it’s good to write everyday, so you can get better. My goal this summer is to write a novel this summer I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. I had this story in my head back in junior high, but I think this will be a great idea to write my story to keep me motivated. I’m really exited.


The semester will be coming to a close this week. This isn’t goodbye, but I’m looking forward to my next chapter in my life. When I come back to writing blogs, I think I’ll be writing stuff of what’s in my mind other than writing just martial arts stuff. But you never know.


Ip (YIP) Man 3 Movie Thoughts

I was really upset, I had no idea Ip Man 3 was in theaters in January. But that’s what happens when you’re in school. Luckily, I bought the movie and I have to say, it was really cool seeing Mike Tyson in the movie, never expected that when I saw the movie trailer.

After watching the movie, I really enjoyed the fight scenes, very well choreographed. I’m not going to spoil the movie, you should check out the movie yourself so you know what I’m talking about. The lesson you learn from the movie, is family comes first. When Ip Man’s wife had cancer, Ip Man spent all his time with his wife, taking care of her, and spending time with her. She only had 6 months to live.

I like the movie, just because of the fight choreography. The story line in my opinion, I felt it was all over the place. I’m not going into further details, I can’t explain why. Whenever I see a movie, my intuition kicks in and I can tell if it’s a good or bad film. I have have mixed feelings of the film. I feel the story should be more effective, and the ending as well. But I guess not all stories have happy endings. I just felt the story line could be more effective if they had the time to tweak it up a little bit.

Ip man 3 is on sale at HMV, get your copy, only 20 bucks on Blu-ray!



One important thing I still need to work on is to relax. Whether its trying something new for the first time, singing on stage, or sparring with someone in a tournament. My body starts to freeze up and I freak out. My teacher, Sifu Gord, told me that the more I relax, the better I do. The key to relaxing is to control your breathing.

Whenever you feel angry or you’re freaking out when you can’t find something, your mind is all over the place. And I’m also going to mention Chi as well, because breathing is the source of storing your chi.  Whatever emotions you feel, chi is always involved.

Negative emotions make your body tense, Chi is spilling out of your body, and once you let your emotions out, your body will start to feel tired. All of your chi has been depleted.  When I competed at Arashido Toournaments, my body would start to feel tense. Sparring an opponent from a different dojo can be nerve wrecking, because you don’t know them and you don’t know their style of fighting. Every tournament, I always win 2nd or 3rd place. Always wanted to win first in sparring.

After the tournament, I had a better understanding how Chi works. As I said before, chi comes from inside every living being. People use Chi everyday, even if people don’t know it. Whenever you feel angry, or scared, always remember to breathe. Because the more you breathe, your body and mind will function more better. Relaxing is key to maintain your Chi. Have some time to close your eyes for 10 minutes and just breathe. You will develop more chi, and the best medicine to spread chi in a positive way, is to smile.

Sometimes when people are having a bad day, sharing a smile to others can help brighten up their mood.

I still have ways to go as a martial artist and as a person, but I’m still willing to keep learning and become a better person. I hope one day, there will be balance in the world. No hate, no violence, just peace and harmony.

Real Martial Arts on TV?

When you were a kid, whatever you watch on TV your mind thinks that it’s real. Watching Kung fu films, I really enjoy the fast movement and the stunts they do. One of my favorite animation series is Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra. I’ve been learning Kung fu for 13 years and the movements they do to wield the elements is all based on Chinese martial Arts.

WaterBending is based from Tai Chi. Going with the flow with movement. When you hear about Bruce Lee’s saying about the movement of water, water is a flow of movement. It moves around like waves in a beach, and it can crash into rocks. I self taught myself Tai Chi, and I recommend people trying it out. It teaches you patience, go with the flow, and how to control your breathing. If you know someone who experiences short of breath, this is a good martial art learn. Compared to other martial arts, Tai Chi is more of a soft style, going with the flow of energy.

Earthbending is based on the Hung Gar martial arts. Hungar is based on firm strong stances. You wont be able to move a guy who knows this style, it’s like their feet are planted to the ground. The techniques they used are based in animals like the Tiger and Crane. The Tiger represents the hard power and Crane which is soft power when they throw their punches and kicks.

Firebending is based on northern Shaolin Kung Fu. This is a style I’ve studied for a long time and I also learned southern style as well. The difference between northern and southern style is northern is the technique more based on using punches and southern style is using more of your kicks. What I love about Shaolin is the techniques you learn. Whenever you’re doing a kata (KAA-taa) form, all the movements can be used as self defence techniques. Nothern Shaolin is more used as a long range technique, using wide stance and quick movements.

Bagua (BAA-goo-a) or ‘circle walking’ is the style the airbenders use. The style is known for their movements, moving in a circular motion. It’s hard for opponents to hit them because of their circular movement. The circular movements can be used to strike and evade attacks. Think of how the world moves in a circular motion. How the seasons chance, the cycle or recycling, and how all the planets in the galaxy move into a circle. When you see a Yin and Yang symbol it’s in a shape a circle. The circle of life.

Now you know how martial arts is used in Avatar and the Legend of Korra TV series. If human beings can wield the elements, I would choose all of them. I would like to be a hero who can wield all the elements to save the world and bring balance. I’ll be like Captain Planet, saving the environment and be a peace keeper.