Real Martial Arts on TV?

When you were a kid, whatever you watch on TV your mind thinks that it’s real. Watching Kung fu films, I really enjoy the fast movement and the stunts they do. One of my favorite animation series is Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra. I’ve been learning Kung fu for 13 years and the movements they do to wield the elements is all based on Chinese martial Arts.

WaterBending is based from Tai Chi. Going with the flow with movement. When you hear about Bruce Lee’s saying about the movement of water, water is a flow of movement. It moves around like waves in a beach, and it can crash into rocks. I self taught myself Tai Chi, and I recommend people trying it out. It teaches you patience, go with the flow, and how to control your breathing. If you know someone who experiences short of breath, this is a good martial art learn. Compared to other martial arts, Tai Chi is more of a soft style, going with the flow of energy.

Earthbending is based on the Hung Gar martial arts. Hungar is based on firm strong stances. You wont be able to move a guy who knows this style, it’s like their feet are planted to the ground. The techniques they used are based in animals like the Tiger and Crane. The Tiger represents the hard power and Crane which is soft power when they throw their punches and kicks.

Firebending is based on northern Shaolin Kung Fu. This is a style I’ve studied for a long time and I also learned southern style as well. The difference between northern and southern style is northern is the technique more based on using punches and southern style is using more of your kicks. What I love about Shaolin is the techniques you learn. Whenever you’re doing a kata (KAA-taa) form, all the movements can be used as self defence techniques. Nothern Shaolin is more used as a long range technique, using wide stance and quick movements.

Bagua (BAA-goo-a) or ‘circle walking’ is the style the airbenders use. The style is known for their movements, moving in a circular motion. It’s hard for opponents to hit them because of their circular movement. The circular movements can be used to strike and evade attacks. Think of how the world moves in a circular motion. How the seasons chance, the cycle or recycling, and how all the planets in the galaxy move into a circle. When you see a Yin and Yang symbol it’s in a shape a circle. The circle of life.

Now you know how martial arts is used in Avatar and the Legend of Korra TV series. If human beings can wield the elements, I would choose all of them. I would like to be a hero who can wield all the elements to save the world and bring balance. I’ll be like Captain Planet, saving the environment and be a peace keeper.


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