One important thing I still need to work on is to relax. Whether its trying something new for the first time, singing on stage, or sparring with someone in a tournament. My body starts to freeze up and I freak out. My teacher, Sifu Gord, told me that the more I relax, the better I do. The key to relaxing is to control your breathing.

Whenever you feel angry or you’re freaking out when you can’t find something, your mind is all over the place. And I’m also going to mention Chi as well, because breathing is the source of storing your chi.  Whatever emotions you feel, chi is always involved.

Negative emotions make your body tense, Chi is spilling out of your body, and once you let your emotions out, your body will start to feel tired. All of your chi has been depleted.  When I competed at Arashido Toournaments, my body would start to feel tense. Sparring an opponent from a different dojo can be nerve wrecking, because you don’t know them and you don’t know their style of fighting. Every tournament, I always win 2nd or 3rd place. Always wanted to win first in sparring.

After the tournament, I had a better understanding how Chi works. As I said before, chi comes from inside every living being. People use Chi everyday, even if people don’t know it. Whenever you feel angry, or scared, always remember to breathe. Because the more you breathe, your body and mind will function more better. Relaxing is key to maintain your Chi. Have some time to close your eyes for 10 minutes and just breathe. You will develop more chi, and the best medicine to spread chi in a positive way, is to smile.

Sometimes when people are having a bad day, sharing a smile to others can help brighten up their mood.

I still have ways to go as a martial artist and as a person, but I’m still willing to keep learning and become a better person. I hope one day, there will be balance in the world. No hate, no violence, just peace and harmony.


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